About Us



ELDON HONGO has been training Upland Bird Dogs for over 30 years.  Eldon's Field Trial Program has produced 17 National Champions, over 50 AKC Field Champions and over 150 NGSPA Champions & Runner-ups.  Eldon has also trained many NGSPA Dog of the Year recipients.  Eldon was the Purina Pro Handler of the year seven times and his customer, Hayley Killam, was Amateur Handler of the Year six times.

Eldon began his career training his own personal hunting dogs.  His dogs did so well that many friends asked him to help with their dogs.  As Eldon and his dogs progressed, he didn't feel comfortable leaving his dogs with other trainers, so elected to go full time into training dogs on a professional level.  He has since been acknowledged as being a highly respected member of the bird dog training community.  He not only trains, but also competes and judges many Championships including many National Championships.  His compassion and integrity shows in how much all the dogs love him and love to work for him.  He realizes that each dog is an individual and gives them the special care they need.

Professional Bird Dog Trainer Eldon Hongo can begin training your dog as early as a young puppy(approx. 6 mos.) for Hunting or Field Trials.  He can train Field Trial Prospects from Puppy, Derby to finished broke dogs for AKC Field Trials and American Field Events all the way to training for National level AKC and American Field competition in Gun Dog, Shooting Dog and All Age Dog events.  He can also train for retrieving/force train retrieve for hunting or field trial dogs.



TERRY HONGO started training dogs of her own in obedience, confirmation, agility & herding.  Terry's been working with dogs and horses her whole life.  She competed in confirmation and obedience, titling several dogs.  She has assisted Eldon in all aspects of Bird Dog Training during the past 14 years.  She's trained bird dogs herself, competed and finished Field Champions.

Terry also does horse training.  She was the trainer for HK Kennel's horses for the past 9 years.  She has raised several colts, started colts, & trained horses for Field Trial Competition.  At one time, she was responsible for up to 32 horses to train and condition.

Terry also has the experience of being a Certified Veterinary Technician for over 35 years.  During the last nine years she's been responsible for the health and well being of all the dogs & horses at HK Kennels.  She's whelped several litters of puppies, took special care of several dogs after surgeries to their full recovery, treated several snake bites and she can do immediate triage till Veterinary Care can be obtained if needed.  Terry can also recognize when an animal may have the initial start of a problem, that way preventing any further decline.



Eldon & Terry have worked as a team together for the past 14 years.  Eldon usually handles and Terry scouts at Field Trials, but occasionally, it'll be the other way around.  They are a good team together.  Also, as a young member of the team, Sun is an up and coming asset to the team.  He's our son and has been involved with the dogs since he was born.  He has great compassion for the animals.  WE ARE ALL VERY DEDICATED TO THE ANIMALS AND ONLY WANT THE BEST FOR EACH ONE.